About us

The Bincho Grill® was created from my passion to outdoor grilling.  Japanese style grilling always interested me as a homemade chef and a master griller. 

The shape of the Bincho Grill was inspired by traditional Japanese yakitori charcoal grills and was designed by myself.  This designed was created with my long experience in metal parts manufacturing that started back in the 70's.

So I basically combined my profession experience in steel fabrication and design with my passion and love for cooking and grilling which made me invent The Bincho Grill.

My most important goal was to create a very high quality product without cutting any corners even if it means to elevate the cost of manufacturing to achieve excellence. This product is made by non-corrosive materials in its entirety, so you guaranty no to see any rust spills from anywhere.  

We are a U.S. company based in Southern California and ship all units directly from our warehouse. Every unit is hand assembled, inspected and hand packed to avoid any damages in transit.  Manufacturing of the grill is all done in the USA.

I'm so confident that you will enjoy The Bincho Grill® and will experience a great new way of grilling for your family, friends and whoever you would like to impress.

We offer live customer service and would work with you to solve any issues you may encounter with our product.  I take pride with my invention and will go out of my way so each and every customer will be fully satisfied with this product.

We love to get input and ideas from our customers as it always inspire us to improve the product.

Bincho Grill's yakitori grills are designed specifically for cooking skewered meats, vegetables, and other ingredients over high heat, using Binchotan charcoal. These grills are made from high-quality materials and are designed to be durable, efficient, and easy to use. Bincho Grill offers several different models of yakitori grills, ranging from portable tabletop models to larger, freestanding grills for use in a restaurant or outdoor setting. They also offer a range of accessories, such as skewers and grill covers, to complement their grills.